The borough

“To the stack, everyone to the stack! Everything in the stack for 5 lei!”, shouted the gypsies from the Borough, while trying to attract potential customers. Every weekend, near the periphery of a Southern Romanian city, hundreds of vendors gather inside an abandoned hall, to sell all things used, found, unwanted, or imported. Products like valuable antiquities, luxury brand perfumes, garments and even electronics, are all waiting for a new home. For 5 lei (1.2 dollars), you can buy yourself a pair of jeans, a plush toy, a landscape canvas or a phone case, and for less than 10 dollars you may have Mona Lisa smile on your walls.

Under the heavy concrete pillars, a cosmic market is revealed, where all things are possible for the one who digs deep. The borough is a place to lose and find yourself, while travelling through ever-changing faces and bargains.